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Case Study: Concrete Slab Stabilization

In the spring of 2017, we helped Renewal by Andersen level their concrete warehouse floors to help keep production safe and efficient.

The Challenge

Renew by Anderson had slab curl in their concrete warehouse floors. Slab curl is the warping of the edges and corners of the concrete slab. Slab curl is commonplace in large, indoor concrete floors, usually caused by drying shrinkage during installation.

This curling creates small voids underneath concrete slab edges, leading to shifting of the slabs under forklift traffic. This movement increases damage to concrete, slows production, and is hard on equipment and personnel.

Our Solution

Our teams began by measuring the amount of curl on the affected slabs. We then removed the existing joint filler, drilled access holes in the concrete, and filled the voids with 5-pound structural polyurethane. This stabilizes the slabs and any loose soil beneath them.

Following polyurethane injections, we filled the construction joints with polyurea joint filler. This long-lasting repair method is quick, clean, and requires little production downtime. Forklift traffic was able to resume immediately after the reconstruction was completed.

Renewal by Anderson now has a concrete floor that is level and safe for forklifts and foot travel.



This mechanical room foundation in Eden Prairie, MN settled down and away from the building foundation. By installing helical piers, the settlement was recovered and the foundation is stabilized. You can see the helical pier process in video below.
Settled foundation? Cracked walls? Doors and windows that don’t close?  Request a free estimate or call 952-562-8100 to discuss your next project.

Wood Foundation Commercial Repair

While wood foundations are rare in Minnesota residential properties, multi-family structures with wood foundations are few and far between. This stucco condo building in Minneapolis, MN was leaking below grade. In partnership with Krech Exteriors and the Engineers at Certified Moisture Testing, Advanced Construction Services collaborated to design and execute the exterior drain tile system.



Advanced Construction Services is one of the few Minnesota contractors with the knowledge and experience to inspect, maintain and repair homes and business with treated wood foundations. ​We also install egress windows! For a free estimate, call 952-562-8100 or use our Online Estimate Request form.

Void Fill: The Video

This asphalt roadway in Ramsey County, MN was filled with polyurethane foam.

Learn more about Polyurethane Foam Lifting and call (952) 562-8100 for a free estimate.


See the six holes up by the seam… Those are mudjacking holes from three years ago. This driveway has settled over 2.5 inches since then.

Sandjacking is a superior solution to mudjacking, with an extended warranty. Compare  your options and request a free estimate for your concrete lifting project.


We’re Hiring…Join Our Team!

Advanced Construction Services is currently hiring Foremen and Crew Members. Join our team today!

We are a specialized construction repair contractor serving the residential and commercial market in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area. Our continued growth and expansion creates an excellent opportunity for the ideal candidates.

Foreman/Crew Member
We are looking for dependable, well-organized, hard-working individuals to join our team. Experience in the construction industry is a plus. Must have a good driving record and reliable transportation. DOT health card/Class A CDL (or the ability to obtain one within 6 months) a plus! You bring the good work ethic and eagerness to learn, and we’ll train you in our specific processes. Wage is negotiable depending on experience. Opportunity for advancement. We are looking forward to a long-term working relationship with hard-working, eager, talented, and dedicated individuals. Benefits include:

  • Medical & Dental insurance for self & dependents
  • HSA Saving plan available
  • Weekly paycheck
  • Direct deposit
  • Many opportunities for overtime
  • New Hire Bonus
  • Quarterly Bonus based on jobs completed
  • Referral bonus for each employee you refer
  • Company cell phone for Foreman
  • Paid Vacation
  • Industry leading wages

Check out our website (www.advancedconstructionmn.com) for more information about our company. You can also fill out an online application at www.advancedconstructionmn.com/our-company/careers.

952-562-8100 – office@advancedconstructionmn.com
Advanced Construction Services is an equal opportunity employer.

Spring Home Inspections YOU can do Right Now

Spring has sprung, the snow is melting, and the ground is thawing. Use our Spring Checklist to inspect your home or business and head off any liability or water intrusion issues.


​SITE CONCRETE (Liability Issues)

  • Inspect all concrete sidewalks, driveways, aprons for tripping hazards (TIP: Any height difference 3/4 inch or greater is considered a tripping hazard).
  • Inspect all concrete sidewalks and entryways for proper step heights (TIP: Proper step height is to be within 7 – 8 inch rise. However, there are exceptions within some association properties; please let us know if you have questions).
  • Inspect all concrete for hazardous surface defects (i.e. cracks, spalling, etc.)
  • Inspect existing concrete caulking at common areas, pools, clubhouses, etc. If defective, remove and replace to properly minimize surface water intrusion.

​LANDSCAPE & DRAINAGE (Site Water Issues)

  • Inspect landscape surrounding the home/building.
    1. Grade should be positive to drain surface water away.
    2. 4 to 6 inches separation between grade/landscape and any siding, brick, etc.
  • Inspect all deck, porch, and privacy fence footings. Did they heave with frost during the Winter?
  • Inspect all gutters and downspouts.
    1. Where is the water being discharged?
    2. Is the discharge location causing an issue (puddling, erosion, frost heave, etc.)?
  • Inspect all ground-level windows and window wells
    1. Is there proper grade separation (4-6 inches) beneath the window?
    2. Is the well in good condition and properly retaining the outside soils?


  • Remove the sump basket lid and inspect the sump pump and piping.
  • Run the pump and/or the battery backup system to verify proper function.
  • At the exterior, inspect the sump discharge pipe for damage.
    1. Does the pipe discharge to the surface, or into an approved outlet (storm sewer or daylight). Does the location of sump discharge appear to be creating any drainage concerns?

Advanced Construction Services is your Twin Cities specialist for concrete lifting and foundation repairs. We offerfree estimates and industry leading warranties for your home or business. 


Polyurethane Foam Lifting: The Video

We love this visual of the power of Polyurethane Foam Lifting. You’ve heard us say that we are able to fill the ENTIRE VOID with Polyurethane Foam or Sandjacking and now you can see it for yourself! Thanks to our vendor, HMI, for sharing this clip.


Introducing: Advanced Construction Services




I am pleased to announce that Advanced Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs and Advanced Sandjacking have officially merged to become Advanced Construction Services, effective January 1, 2017. Over the last 17 years, our companies have evolved to meet the needs of our growing customer base, and we believe that combining our services under Advanced Construction Services more accurately features the type of work we do.

​We’ll continue building a legacy in Minnesota where customer service, workmanship, and industry leading warranties are our primary focus. Rest assured, any warranties issued under Advanced Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs and Advanced Sandjacking will still be honored under our new name.

We look forward to working with you in 2017.


John Lamoureux

What is Slabjacking?

Slabjacking uses mud (mudjacking), sand (sandjacking) or Polyurethane foam (polyjacking) to raise settled concrete or redirect improper drainage. Common slabjacked surfaces include sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage aprons, basement floors, warehouse floors or other concrete that is otherwise in good condition and free of significant structural cracks.

This warehouse floor setteled over five inches. The sheetrock is the bottom of the wall, that is still in place.

Compare your Options to learn which type of slabjacking is best for your concrete lifting project.